About POWW

Who We Are

Parents of Welby Way, Inc. (POWW) is a non-profit 501(c)3, which represents Welby Way Charter Elementary. POWW was incorporated in December 2009 and approved for non-profit status in October 2010. Members of POWW are parents of students who are currently enrolled at Welby Way and all parent involvement/time is donated. Why? Because as parents we believe strongly in every child’s education and making Welby Way the best possible school. This type of dedication is what makes POWW such a powerful community.

POWW’s main focus and ongoing mission is to raise funding through our annual giving campaign (AGC), fundraisers and other events to financially support ongoing staffing and enrichment programs for the students of Welby Way Elementary School.

POWW has Financially Supported the Following:

  • Full Time School Psychologist & Counseling Services
  • Music Teacher & Program
  • Computer Teacher and ComputerWise Program
  • 2 Full Time PE Teachers and Supplemental PE Equipment
  • Field Trip Transportation
  • The HIVE Program
  • AR (Accelerated Reader program)

POWW Executive Board Contacts

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